whatever the doogie howser theme song looks like typed…

bee bee boo bee boo boo.  bee bee boo bee boo boo. 

literally listening to this on repeat right now. hilarious. do you remember how awesome that show was…wait, was it awesome. i’m having weird nostalgic flashbacks but don’t remember if i ACTUALLY liked the show. i must have, right? we all did when we were 8 – 11, right? or i should say when those of use who were that age during the show did, right?

so. i tried to change my theme here – it got weird. then i tried to move to wordpress – moved everything but none of the actual posts exported, just the titles?  then i made a meal that rory wouldn’t eat – it had cilantro.  then i tried to make a mexican casserole tonight – i forgot the salsa and it was too dry.  HOWEVER, i just watched all four episodes of best friends forever and i thought it was pretty great.  read an interview with those two ladies and they are best friends. and they wanted to make a tv show where ladies go “oh man, i’ve done that before” or “i know that ‘type’ of girl”.  sure it’s cheesy and some of the jokes are a little off, but for the most part, they are capitalizing on what they do best, laugh and play with each other. 

WHY am i talking about it. i don’t know. it got me excited. it made me think of doogie howser and the typing intro and made me want to write. i need more of that. i will make more of that. this was my year to say yes to stuff….so 5 months in, i’ma’star’sayin’yes. i am.

create. do. live. explore. make stuff. smile. don’t get pushed around by your brain, jordan. (just needed to pep talk myself, thanks). as tina fey says it “over, under, through!” make people get out of your way as you move forward!

what gets you excited to move in a new direction? and, you loved doogie howser, right?



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