way to start a day

i’ve been getting up every (most) days at 6:45am to hustle off to fitness bootcamp. i’m loving every second of it – i just signed up for 10 more weeks! the wedding will have come and gone by then and i hope to be in, potentially, the best shape of my life. not just FOR the wedding but from here on out. i feel better, i sleep better, i eat better – all around its better and i want to keep it up.

i’m sure i’ve mentioned it, or you do this even but my favorite thing to eat for breakfast is avocado toast. i’ve even started to see it on menu’s at restaurants. it’s the simplest thing ever and it’s good for you. so. if you like avocado at all…you MUST try this.

it’s real easy. toast two pieces of your favorite bread. meanwhile slice open a fresh, ripe avocado (not a huge one but a med/small one), slice it out of its shell. pop it all in a bowl, squeeze 1/2 a lemon onto it mix it around w. a fork. sprinkle in some red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, a small glug of olive oil and mix and mash it all together. i didn’t taste mine because i knew i’d like it but feel free to add more salt, pepper, lemon, red pepper.  you could even throw in some roasted red peppers or sundried tomatoes if you felt so bold however, i like it simple style. when your toast is down pop it out of the toaster/oven/whatever you use and drizzle with olive oil.  i learned this from joy the baker, i don’t know if she only does it on fancy bread but i now do it on most if my bread. now split your avocado mixture onto both pieces of toast and mash some more. and volia! mange!

this is like oatmeal for me – i’m satisifed for hours. enjoy! xo