new looks and feels

Here I am in a new world – I’m excited for it. It seems a little fancier and who doesn’t like to be fancy?  I can’t figure out how to get rid of that weird little smiley face in the top left section of the site. Some post said something about a jetpack plug in? Can’t find it. Oh well.


1,500 ladybug!

So much!  I’m going to show you pictures of the garden. So much is planted and growing I love it.  We do have a slight aphid and spider mite problem but I’ve taken to washing the garden every 5 days and also using a mix of Dr. Bronners and water to spritz the plants every 5 days as well. Hopefully this will help.  I also just bought ladybugs.  Literally have a pint of ladybugs – I think it’s something like 1,500 ladybugs in there.  The buggers are going to be placed in the garden tonight on all of the plants infected (cucumbers, zucchini, melons, pumpkin, tomatoes x 8!) and hopefully they wake up tomorrow and drinks some water and eat some aphids and spider mites … and ants? And then, I hope they stick around to lay some eggs so they process can keep going. If nothing else…they’ll be a cute addition to the garden for the next few days.

I know I should probably already know this, and I might but I forgot, BUT lemon trees have MASSIVE thorns. I learned the hard way this morning.  I harvested 4 lemons and got a pretty nasty sticker in my right thumb…it hurts to type. Slowly but surely I’m learning.

The best thing that Sara said to me the other day was after we had harvested a few zucchini’s from the garden.  She was making dinner for some friends and she had one of our zucchini’s and one from the store and while she was chopping them she noticed that the one from the garden smelled weird.  Or very different from the one from the store so, of course, she was concerned…but then she realized it smelled like earth.  It smelled like what food grown well and with out GMOs and chemicals are supposed to smell like….It’s glorious.

IMG_6744 IMG_6769 IMG_6760 IMG_6751 IMG_6748


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