on a roll

Not literally BUT I am going to make a galette for dinner – so there’s the bread?

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Yesterday I candied lemons. I googled and found this recipe on Pip & Ebby.  I didn’t cut the slices as thin as they suggest and I used both regular organic sugar and troubadour sugar. I let them sit out for over 24 hours and they still didn’t firm up…I think it’s because I didn’t slice them thin enough. They still taste good and as I try harder and harder to eat better for myself it will be nice to have sweet treats I’ve made myself!

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Today I pickled banana peppers.  Simple recipe of 1C white vinegar, 4T of sugar, 2T salt, 2T yellow mustard seeds, then you throw a cold cup of water into it and let the temp come to luke way and cover the peppers and then pop them in the fridge.  I didn’t have enough fluid so I made more – 1C white vinegar, splash of red wine vinegar, a dabble of sugar, a dabble of salt and then a few shakes of red pepper flakes. I think it will actually tone out the brine, it was too sweet before. I’m going to give a small jar to my friend Dave. He’s on a cooking tear because he’s been shooting a documentary in which he could only eat raw vegan smoothies!  He lost 50 pounds in 90 days! So awesome and proud of him.

I’m also making chicken salad for the USA game tomorrow. I’ll show you that later 🙂


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