gardin’ the garden

First of all, a cat pooped in my garden. GROSS. Also…sort of an invasion of territory.  I mean, I sweat in that garden so it sort of feels like I’ve marked my territory!  Also – grasshopper killing spree!

We have some ‘red’ding tomatoes, which is so exciting, I literally cannot wait.  There’s still a lot of yellow leaves. I’ve pulled back on watering the tomatoes and the basil, I think I’m over saturating them with water and also, since we’re in a drought…chill, Jordan, ‘kay.

I pulled out beans. They were just totally spent. Those mites ate their hearts out and sucked them dry of nutrients.  The cuc’s are strugglin’ too.  We can’t seem to get rid of those dumb spider mites I don’t think the lady bugs stayed…we might have to get more and only put them on the cucumbers when there’s no DE?  Does anyone know if DE hurts ladybugs (or bees for that matter)?  What about insecticidal soap?  Does that hurt them?

Food!  I made Salmon cakes for dinner last night. I had never worked with canned salmon before and thought it would be g-r-0-s-s but it wasn’t!  It was actually really good. I found the recipe on (here) and pretty much followed it.  Only I made some rice to add to the mix and didn’t use lemon on the arugula.  Rory gets citrus sensitive so I made a balsamic vignette.  I think any grain might be really nice with this.  Also, go with the 4 min per side…it gets a nice crust on the salmon cakes and allows them to stick together better.  Oh and the last thing I would suggest is to get boneless canned salmon – taking the bones out is such a process and rather annoying….if someone’s done it for you go with that?  And. I bet you could use leftover salmon if you had cooked some last night or the other day – might have a better taste to it.


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